Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Well today was a waste of a beautiful day off.  I made bad decisions last night and am spending today paying for them.  Too much alcohol last night!  I did do a great, quick workout this morning and I went to church so it wasn't a total bust.

The workout was a one mile run but every minute you stop and do 30 walking lunges.  For some reason I thought this workout would be super easy.  Man I was wrong!!!  My legs were on fire at the end.  I kept trying  to run as fast as I could during that one minute so I would reach a mile faster and not have to do any more lunges.  So it turned into a sprint and lunge workout that left my quads on fire!  Definitely one that I will do again.

Today was my first time at church in a few weeks.  It was great to be there.  I just started going to church earlier this year.  As I kid we would sometimes go to a Catholic service but not regularly.  As an adult I never went until this year.  A great friend from Iron Tribe kept inviting me and finally I went and really loved it.  Its inspirational!  Today the Pastor was talking about the biggest battle in your life is the one with yourself.  And that really hit me.  I think it is so true.  I often know what I should do for a happy and healthy life but then make bad choices.  Like last night.  I had an event to go to and after I should have just came home.  But instead I went out and tried to drink all of the vodka in my town.  Sometimes when I drink I have a hard time of knowing when enough is enough and last night was definitely one of those nights.  Its a continuous struggle with myself. 

Is there something in your life that you are continuously struggling with?  Would love to hear!

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