Saturday, February 4, 2017

Workouts 1/29 to 2/4

I'm embarrassed to even post this!  Being sick sucks!  I have had no energy all week!  I finally woke up and felt like myself today.  I have motivation again and a desire to do things besides nap and watch Grey's Anatomy.  Hate that I missed a whole week of workouts but nothing I can do about it now.  Finally made it to a yoga class today.  It was on the beach and awesome!  I absolutely love the instructor.  She is very calm and has this awesome energy to her.  Just being around her makes me feel calm and happy.  She teaches two days a week and I would like to start going more often.  I am going to schedule my workouts for next week and get back on track.  Can anyone recommend a good daily vitamin or a greens supplement?  I used to be the person that could claim they never got sick and now I have been sick a lot in the last year:(

1/29: Sick

1/30: Sick

1/31: Sick

2/1: Sick

2/2: Sick

2/3: Sick

2/4: Beach Yoga

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