Monday, February 20, 2017

Workouts 2/12 to 2/18

2/12: Rest Day

2/13: 3 mile run

2/14: Iron Tribe Power Class
         20 min AMRAP of:
         10 Strict Pull-ups ( I used a red and purple band for the first few rounds and then added another red)
         10 Double KB Front Squats (I went back and forth using the 18 and 26lb KB)
         20 Medicine Ball Slams
*I finished 5 rounds, 20 reps

2/15: Iron Tribe Power Class
         A. 15 min to Build to a 3RM Split Jerk

         B.  For Time (9 min cap)
              3 Rounds of:
              15 HSPU's
              30 Walking Lunges

I got up to 80lbs for the Split Jerk and finished part B in 7:20.  The HSPUs were tough!  Still using two ab mats against the wall.

2/16: Rest Day

2/17: Iron Tribe Power Class
         25 Minutes to Complete the Following:
         Pause Front Squat
*Build to Heaviest Weight throughout

After the first 4 sets, perform the following as fast as possible:
15 pull-ups
400 m run

I got 100lbs for the 3RM Front Squat

2/18: Iron Tribe
         20 Minute AMRAP:
         3 Deadlifts
         5 Box Jumps
        10 KB Swings
        15 Max Effort Pulls on the Rower
        100 meter Farmers Carry

I finished 5 rounds.  I used 105lbs for the DL's 35lbs for the KB swings and did step ups instead of box jumps.  Since I wiped out last year I am scared of box jumps.

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