Friday, January 6, 2017

Debt Update January 2017

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I have found myself in a mountain of debt again.  Here is my January Update:

Iberia Loan  $2,377.67
Fifth Third   $5,395.40
Boyfriend     $7,000.00
Wells Fargo $1,545.12
TOTAL        $16,318.39

As of December 1st my Total Debt was $16,444.39.  So in the month of December I made very little progress.  At that rate it would take me FOREVER!!  So I started a part time job.  I went back to the waitressing gig that I had in college.  This was extremely humbling but honestly I wish I did it about a year ago. This situation would be cleared up by now if I had done that. This month I should be able to pay off the entire Iberia Loan.  That will be such a great feeling!  I think once one debt is gone it will feel like I am making progress and will be very exciting!

My point of writing this post is to keep me accountable and to help inspire others!  Debt can't feel overwhelming but just get started!

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