Sunday, January 1, 2017

Workout Recap 12/25 to 12/31

12/25: Christmas = Rest Day!

12/26: At home workout: 10 Rounds of 10 burpees and 10 sit-ups.
           I was short on time and just wanted to do something quickly

12/27: Rest Day

12/28: Iron Tribe Class: A. Sumo Deadlift (13 min)
                                            5 - 5- 5 - 5- 5  * Weight is approximately 75% of 1RM Deadlift
                                            I used 105lbs.  I probably could have went a little heavier.  It was my first                                             time doing a sumo deadlift so I wanted to make sure my form was correct.
                                        B. For Time (10 min cap)
                                             30 Burpees
                                             10 KB snatches
                                             20 Burpees
                                             20 KB snatches
                                             10 Burpees
                                             30 KB snatches
I used the lightest KB, only 15lbs.  KB snatches are a new move for me.  I finished in 8:05.

12/29: 3 mile run at 9'45" pace.

12/30: Rest Day

12/31: Rest Day

As you can see, quite a few rest days.  Usually I shoot for 2 or 3 rest days a week but this was a strange week. I wasn't going into the office regularly and my normal schedule was blown.  You would think if you weren't going to work that you would have a ton more time to work out but I really don't know what I spent my time doing.  Oh well!  Next week will be back to normal!

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