Monday, January 23, 2017

Sober Day 6...First Craving

Its 7:30pm.  Its Monday evening.  I had a 12 hour day.  Just got home.  Prepping dinner and usually I would have a glass of wine.  Typically I would drink the first glass very quickly and then have 1 or 2 more through out the night.  However I am no longer doing that and I am feeling anxious.  So I poured a grapefruit flavored club soda into a wine glass and I am pretending that is my "relaxing cocktail".  I know this will pass.  I wonder how much of it is just habit.  Either way I know I am strong enough to break the cycle.  It helps to journal it out here.  I will eat my dinner and stay busy for the rest of the night and then get a great nights sleep.  I have been working out and meditating daily.  I am trying to do all things to naturally calm myself and relax without alcohol.  I think I liked the alcohol at the end of the work day because it signaled to me that the hard work was over for the day and I could relax.  I guess I need a new habit or routine to tell my brain that it can chill a bit til the morning.  This too shall pass!

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