Monday, January 30, 2017

Workouts 1/22 to 1/28

Ok this week was much better on the workout front!  Feeling back to myself!  5 workouts a week makes me feel great.  It was a very busy work week but I prioritized my workouts and made them happen.

1/22: Run 1 mile
         30 sit ups
         30 squats
         30 push-ups
         Run 1 mile
This was a quick at home workout.

1/23: Iron Tribe Power Class
         24 min EMOM:
         1st min: Front squats (I used 65lbs)
         2nd min: Max rep ring dips (I used 1 red band, struggled but stuck with it)
         3rd min: 45 sec max calorie bike
         4th min: Rest
Record total reps: 140 and Grey scale

1/24:  Iron Tribe Power Class
           For Time 23 min cap:
           2000m run
           150 1 arm russian KB swings (I used 26lbs)
           100 sit-ups
            50 HSPUs
I didn't finish this workout, but I was close! Grey scale

1/25:  Rest Day

1/26:Iron Tribe Power Class
         Partner Workout 23 min AMRAP:
        15 back squats (65lbs)
        12 V-ups
        12 cal row
Partner A completes entire set while Partner B rests.  We finished 9 + 15.  Orange Scale

1/27: Iron Tribe Push Class
         4 Rounds of 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest for 3 sets at each station
         Station 1: Max cal row
         Station 2:  Bottom to bottom wall ball (I used 14lbs)
         Station 3:  Hollow body rock
Record total reps: 254

1/28: Rest Day

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