Monday, January 9, 2017

Workouts 1/1/2017 to 1/7/2017

This was a great week of workouts!  I love the mix of the Push and the Power Classes.  The Power classes are more weight lifting focused and the Push class is more of a bootcamp style.

Sunday - 1 Mile Run and then 10! of Burpees, Push-ups and Sit-ups

Monday - Iron Tribe Push Class: 2 Rounds of the Following:
                 3 minutes at each Station
                 Station 1: 15 max/30 light X 4 on Assault Bike
                 Station 2:  3 min AMRAP of 7 Box Jumps + 7 Burpees
                 Station 3: 200m MB run (14lbs) then max rep Sit-ups
                 Station 4: Rest

Station 1 on the assault bike was intense!  15 seconds of hard work doesn't sound too bad but it was awful!  My legs were fried for the box jumps on Station 2.

Tuesday - Iron Tribe Power Class: For Time: 25 minutes
                 5 Rounds:  400 meter run
                                    20 KB swings
                                    10 Handstand Push-ups
I used a 35lb Kettlebell, Orange scale and finished in 21:26.  This was a challenging workout!

Wednesday - Rest Day

Thursday - Rest Day

Friday - Iron Tribe Push Class: 5 Rounds of the Following
                               15 Calories on the Bike
                               20 Kettlebell Swings
                               10 Strict Hanging Leg Raise

Saturday - Yoga Class On Demand

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